Nucleation – A Poem by WR

how strange to move
through this in-between,
where the temperature
oscillates inside such a
narrow range: just there

where the molecules shift
and rearrange, where the
icicles grow by degrees
and the rivulets crystallize
across the windshield.

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Objective Correlative – A Poem by WR

synaptic trails,
the variable modes
of that imagined realm:

a fragmentary presence,
oh continuum of memory,
experience italicized
by its intermittency.

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After-Time (Noetic Quality) – A Poem by WR

absence of birds,
the edges erased:
the landscape’s
loosening drift.

the cycles expand,
ripple & contract:
oh trackless space,
the oceanic shift.

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Antoniadi [Scale] – A Poem by WR

captive speed, softening
the unstable projections:
those atmospheric velocities,
magnifying the sea of static

waveforms, scatterings,
the accumulations of
our correspondence.

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Depatterning – A Poem by WR

the swarming gusts,
folding into themselves:
pale sky, white fields,
the systems resolving
into currents of light,
molecules streaming
that envelope of being.

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Northern Pacific [Kotohira Shrine] – A Poem by WR

low afternoon sun,
a scattering of clouds,
the gray industrial shapes
of Hachinohe to the south:

we walked the solitary expanse of beach,
picking up sand dollars here and there,
polished stones, scraps of shells.

finely textured snow,
black sand and seafoam,
the transition zone
between these worlds:

movement and space,
the coastline frozen,
the ocean’s pulse.

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Synaptic Architecture

oh heaviness of things:
unmoving snow,
these empty hours,
their shapes preserved
as the light passes, undisturbed,
and the clouds compress the frame.

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