Interspace – A Poem by WR

ripples, aberrations,
the coffee gone cold:
resonance, distortion,
the ceiling’s collisions,

a rush of blood as
the vessels dilate:
a singularity pulsing,
a collapsible dream.

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Reverberations – A Poem by WR

intermittencies of being,
lost tendrils of thought
slipping into the static

between the stations of
memory and mind, into
nothing & nothingness,

the frequencies dissolving
in the steady electrical hum
of a measureless anonymity.

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The Mind At Large – A Poem by WR

saturated flash of green,
spinning leaves, some rare
sequence of unhurried time:

somewhere tucked inside
that perfectly composed
park in the Fan, my old 60s

Schwinn lying on the grass,
I could feel the sky mirroring
my unfocused eyes, drawn

beyond that hazy stream:
an errant collection of days,
a delirious sense of infinity.

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An Untethering – A Poem by WR

sunlight exploding into my
field of view, shadows of the
branches moving overhead
flickering across the snow:

these became the backdrop
for the afternoon’s thoughts
as I stepped into the tracks
I’d made earlier in the day

as placeholders for myself, something to fasten me to
the known world, something
to keep me planted inside

a tangible sense of the familiar:
so the mind like a balloon released
could began its frantic untethering,

straining skyward
into the satisfaction
of that elemental return.

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Gate 18 – A Poem by WR

studying the textural details,
the surface arrangements,
of passing clouds, receding,
or wet concrete and glass:

fine rain, the rhythmic flow
of arrivals and departures,
the artificial wilderness
of the empty terminal.

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Overview Effect – A Poem by WR

how the mind cycles, time
and time again, along that
inward convexity of thought:
between the reference points

that comprise the course of a
life, the haphazard addition,
the “trailing consequence”
of the present condition:

[a future fast approaching,
undeveloped and unknown]

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Slipstream [Night Shift] – A Poem by WR

ghostly ribbons of snow curling
across the road in strokes,
repeating, traversing the
blackness, tracery of
shadows meeting
in their orbits.

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